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Post by Equinox on Mon 29 Jun - 22:04

So I tried using the Invoker today, with the following result: EPIC FAIL. Had almost no idea what I was doing, and though I snuck in a few kills, I pretty much got my ass handed to me.

Anyone got any tips how to play Invoker? Things like build, abilities and pointers in general would be a great help.



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Invoker Empty Re: Invoker

Post by Stormrage on Mon 6 Jul - 9:00

There are several combos with Invoker's spells. Like; (This will help you for sure)

Ice Wall/Emp
Anti caster combo. Sneak behind enemy lines with Ghost Walk and Ice Wall them then quickly Emp next to the wall. Creates confusion and limits their nuking posibilities.

Chaos Meteor/Defeaning Blast
Nuking combo, use the Deafening blast to keep your enemies under your meteor.

Cold Snap/Alcatry/Forged Spirits
Use this combo when you are teaming with some nuker/high atack speed hero. If you have MKB you'll see a lot of short stuns and the Forged Spirit acts like a Stygian Desolator ensuring that he'll feel hurt.

Tornado/Sun Strike
Cast Tornado and then cast Sun strike at the location when Tornado almost ends. Assures a high damage combo.

Cold Snap/Ice Wall/Tornado/EMP
Use it on ganking and chasing. Don't use them Tornado immediately after Ice Wall. Wait until the slow effect is gone and then whack them with it.

Tornado/Chaos Meteor/Def Blast/EMP
Another Nuking Combo. Use meteor just after the effect of tornado is off, follow swiftly with Defeaning Blast. Need some practice to do it quickly.

Cold Snap/Ghost Walk/Forged Spirits
Use your Ghost Walk to keep your spirits landing some nice hits. Works great when you have Radiance and you already cast Cold Snap on the target.

To do these combos though you have to be quick at invoking.
Still slow for making the invokes? Print this and make it near to you when playing with. It's great learning.

For the build; If you are at mid lane it is easy to farm the following;
1.Boots Of Travel
2.Eos (Eye of Skadi)
3.Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
4.Mkb (monkey king bar) Then Alcatry (ministuns ^^)
5.Orchid Malevolence
6. Like as well necromicon. Invoke the Forged Spirits, you will have great damage from them even more speed.

You can get a heart instead for going survival mode. king

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