Whats the aim of this forum ?

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Whats the aim of this forum ? Empty Whats the aim of this forum ?

Post by Secrets on Wed 20 May - 19:26

Well basically the aim of this forum is to get all Maltese DotA players all in one place so we can at least get a rough estimate of how many players play DotA because i know a bunch of people that do play but think that DotA is non existent in Malta and I would love to see a DotA Maltese community.

Personally me and Rechon (my brother cough cough) play DotA with our World of Warcraft guild mates and we have a bunch of people playing and most of the time we are always up for a 5v5 with someone.

Secondly, if we gather enough people playing and are ready to compete against each other in LANs, I know for a fact that Hackers will start hosting DotA competitions in their LANs.

I'd like to thank everyone who joined our community, on another note if any of you guys want to play Online I'm always around on MSN, so just give me a shout and we could have a few games.

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